Soneri Bank Reassures Data Security to Customers

Karachi, 8th November 2018: In light of the recent news with regard to cyber-attacks, Soneri Bank reassures all its customers that the customer’s data is secure and safeguarded at the utmost level. All our systems are operating business as usual and there has been no incident to date related to compromise on customer information.

Soneri Bank is diligently working with regulators to maintain and safeguard the digital payment solutions and continue to perform as per our customer’s confidence in us. We have been proactively investing in our systems to ensure safety and security for our customers. We have also undertaken initiatives to keep our customers informed regarding the fraudulent activities through our social media.

At Soneri Bank, our customer’s financial security is our primary focus and the management of SBL reassures all its customers that all necessary safety measures have been taken to ensure that the customer’s data is safeguarded. We have further added precautionary measures to ensure safety and privacy of financial data for future as well.