Soneri Bank Joins Hand with Quetta Gladiators as Official Banking Partners

Karachi, February 4, 2019 – Keeping up with its flare for Cricket, Soneri Bank yet again partners with the most promising team of PSL 2019 – Quetta Gladiators as their Official Banking Partners.

Soneri Bank, with its promise of Roshan Har Qadam, has been promoting sports in Pakistan for many years and is one of the most prominent supporters of upcoming talent in the country. The brand believes in the strength of sports in uplifting a country’s overall image in international market and as a result boosting our economy and well-being.

The Gladiator brand stands for resilience, commitment and never say die attitude. With roots in the culturally rich city of Quetta, Quetta Gladiators are impassioned by indomitable qualities of strength, commitment and fighting prowess which personifies the brand. QG, the brand itself identifies with the distinguished qualities of integrity and valor which are synonymous with the culture and people of Quetta.

Mr. Mohammad Aftab Manzoor, President & CEO of Soneri Bank expressed his confidence in the team and said: “The team has been a consistent performer throughout all PSL seasons and we are hopeful that this season will be wining for us. Soneri Bank believes in the vision of QG as it resonates with our ideology of Roshan Har Qadam and enlightenment at very customer experience. Sports has been one of the areas where we feel our Country is no less than international standards and through us, we aspire to showcase our Country’s talent on international screens. It’s time to re-live the spirit of passion, entertainment and victory.”

Mr. Nadeem Omer, Owner of Quetta Gladiators highlighted the strength of brand’s relationship with QG and said: “Soneri Bank has been associated with QG for the past years and we are grateful for their confidence and unflinching support. PSL-2019 is a premium product and one of the best cricketing leagues around the world. The league is an ideal opportunity which gives massive exposure to brands and partners. This year will be even bigger than the earlier editions with five venues including eight matches in Pakistan.”