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Soneri Bank is constantly innovating its products suite to best match the personal and business needs of its customers. To ensure all banking needs are met we offer a variety of investments products to facilitate our customers. The role of the Wealth Management is to provide tailored investments solutions and help the client develop, implement and monitor an entire investment portfolio which will enable the client to manage present and future financial needs.

Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds

  • Tax Credit
  • Diversification
  • Liquidity
  • Transparent and Highly Regulated
  • Small Investment Size
  • Professional Management

Types of Funds Offered

Money Market Scheme
  • Money Market Funds are among the safest and most stable of all the different types of mutual funds. These funds invest in short term debt instruments such as Treasury bills and bank deposits
Income Scheme
  • These funds focus on providing investors with a steady stream of fixed income. They invest in short term and long term debt instruments like TFCs, government securities like T-bills/ PIBs, or preference shares.
Equity Scheme
  • An equity scheme or equity fund is a fund that invests in Equities more commonly known as stocks. The objective of an equity fund is long-term growth through capital appreciation, although dividends and capital gain realized are also sources of revenue.
Balanced Scheme
  • These funds provide investors with a single mutual fund that invests in both stocks and debt instruments and with this diversification aimed at providing investors a balance of growth through investment in stocks and of income from investments in debt instruments.
Asset Allocation Scheme
  • These Funds may invest its assets in any type of securities at any time in order to diversify its assets across multiple types of securities & investment styles available in the market.
Fund of Funds Scheme
  • Fund of Funds are those funds, which invest in other mutual funds. These funds operate a diverse portfolio of equity, balanced, fixed income and money market funds (both open and closed ended).
Shariah Compliant (Islamic) Scheme
  • Islamic funds are those funds which invest in Shariah Compliant securities i.e. shares, Sukuk, Ijara sukuks etc. as may be approved by the Shariah Advisor of such funds. These funds can be offered under the same categories as those of conventional funds.

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Mutual Funds

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Alhamra Islamic Income Fund

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Alhamra Islamic Stock Fund

Voluntary Pension Schemes (VPS)
Pakistan Pension Fund
Alhamra Islamic Pension Fund

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The returns of mutual funds are not guaranteed, mutual funds returns are subject to market risk and the price of units may go up and down based on market conditions, past performance should not be taken as guarantee of future performance. as disclosed in the offering document available on AMC’s website www.mcbah.com. MCB Arif Habib Investments Limited is the fund manager and Soneri Bank Limited is only the Distributor of these funds in Pakistan.