Soneri Asaan Remittance Account


With Soneri Asaan Remittance Account, customers can now instantly receive money from their loved ones living anywhere around the globe, directly in their account. Soneri Asaan Remittance Account can be opened with utmost ease through a simplified account opening process. It is designed as a secure & reliable service, for receiving home remittances.

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Free Benefits

  • PayPak Debit Card for one year
  • Starter Chequebook of 25 leaves
  • SMS alerts & e-Statement for staying informed
  • Soneri Digital (Mobile & Internet Banking)
  • No Service Charges
  • No withholding tax on cash withdrawal or inter-bank fund transfers
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Insurance – Soneri Tahaffuz

Features, Eligibility & Limits

  • Pakistani Individuals, receiving home remittances, can open this current account in PKR currency
  • No initial deposit or minimum balance requirement
  • Maximum Credit Balance Limit of Rs. 3 million
  • Cash withdrawal limit: Rs. 500,000 per day
  • Fund transfer limit: Rs. 500,000 per day to any other account
  • Local credit allowed: Rs. 1,000,000 per month
  • No commercial remittance allowed

*Terms & Conditions Apply


1. Who is eligible to open this account?

Only unbanked/under-banked “Individuals” can open this account in Single or Joint capacity.

2. Can Soneri – Asaan Remittance Account be opened in FCY?

No. Only PKR currency is permissible for this account.

3. Is there a minimum balance requirement for Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?


4. Will there be any account opening or closing charges?


5. Can existing account holders open Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?


6. Can more than 1 Soneri Asaan Remittance Account of the same customer be opened?


7. Can Soneri Asaan Remittance Account be opened in “Savings” category?

No. We are offering Soneri Asaan Remittance Account in Current category only.

8. What different means / tools can be used to operate Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?

Soneri Asaan Remittance Account can be operated by a PayPak Debit Card or Cheque Book and through all available Digital Channels.

9. Which Debit Card variants will be issued against Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?

Only PayPak Debit Card will be issued to customers.

10. What will be the fee of this card?

Standard fee as per latest SNBL Schedule of Bank Charges (SOC) is applicable. However issuance will be free for 1st year.

11. What support documents are required for opening Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?

The account can be opened with a Computerized/Smart National Identity Card (CNIC/SNIC/NICOP) * of the customer.

*The original identification document should be produced by the customer for “Original Seen”

Note: Due diligence and other controls specified by State Bank of Pakistan for Asaan Account shall also be applicable to Asaan Remittance Account.

12. Can the Soneri Bank open Soneri Asaan Remittance Account of non-residents or foreign nationals?

No. Soneri Asaan Remittance Account is for resident individuals having Pakistani Nationality only. The Bank may guide non-residents or foreign nationals to open regular bank accounts.

13. What are the main features of Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?

This account also has certain transaction limits mentioned below:

  • Cash withdrawal limit: Rs. 500,000 per day
  • Fund transfer limit: Rs. 500,000 per day to any other account
  • Local credit allowed: Rs. 1,000,000 per month
  • No commercial remittance allowed

14. Is there a limit to the amount of inward remittance allowed in Soneri Asaan Remittance Account?

Yes, a maximum credit balance limit of PKR 3 Million is allowed in this account i.e. the account balance cannot be more than PKR 3 Million at any point in time.

15. What should the Bank do if a customer repeatedly requests for transactions higher than specified limits for Soneri Asaan Remittance Accounts?

In such scenario, the Bank must guide the customer to close his/her Soneri Asaan Remittance Account and open a regular deposit account as per his/her needs.

16. Is there restriction on Soneri Asaan Remittance Accounts for cross border (outward) transactions?

Yes, outward cross border transactions are not allowed for Soneri Asaan Remittance Account.

17. Is there a maximum number of remitters allowed in this account?

No, the customer may receive remittances from as many remitters as required. However, the remitters’ information will need to be captured on the account opening form. In case of more than 2 remitters, additional AOFs may be used.

18. What happens if a Remitter other than the ones mentioned in the Account Opening Form sends remittance?

In case of such transactions/from an undocumented Remitter(s), the branch staff MUST contact the customer (Account Holder) and gather details about the transaction. If required, the Remitter Information may be updated by obtaining a customer consent/signatures on the account opening form (a new account opening form with remitters information, shall be attached along with the original AOF.

19. Where will the AOF be available?

AOF will be available at all SNBL branches across Pakistan.