Roshan Munafa Term Deposit


Soneri Roshan Munafa is a term deposit targeted towards medium to high net worth individuals, senior citizens, housewives and commercial and corporate entities looking for high returns to meet their financial needs. This is a 1 year term deposit which can be booked with a minimum amount of Rs. 50,000/- and a maximum amount of Rs.100,000,000/-. The rate currently being offered on this product will be periodically updated as per the interest rate scenario. It will be linked to a current account, which if not already there will be opened at the time of deposit booking.


Currency PKR
Type Term
– One Year Term Deposit –
Tiers Profit at Maturity Monthly Profit
PKR 50,000 – PKR 49.99 Million 10.50% 10.25%
PKR 50 Million- PKR 100 Million 11.00% 10.25%


Premature encashment of a time deposit will cause reduction in rate of return by 100bps, if reduced rate is below minimum PLS Rate, then payout will be made on minimum PLS Rate.

Roll-overs of deposits shall be in accordance with prevailing rate sheet.


This term deposit shall be linked to a current account. However, following add on facilities shall also be offered:

  • Financing upto 80% shall be allowed to the deposit holder.
  • Terms of Soneri Speed Finance Facility will be applicable and this loan will be parked against Soneri Roshan Munafa Term Deposit product.
  • Minimum financing criteria of 1 million shall be brought down to the minimum ticket size of Soneri Roshan Munafa Term Deposit.