Pakistan’s first instant payment system that connects people via a single link that allows access to any financial institution’s customers, making digital payments more secure and give convenience to make it easier to reduce the high price of transactions cost to the small-value payments.


  • Instantaneous payments
  • No Transaction Cost
  • Raast ID Based Payment
  • Guaranteed Delivery


1. What is RAAST?

RAAST is Pakistan’s first instant payment system that will enable end-to-end digital payments among individuals, businesses, and government entities seamlessly. This service is now available for individuals with bank accounts to securely transfer funds to other individuals with bank accounts.

2. Why should I use RAAST?

RAAST will connect you with all RAAST member banks. RAAST offers a simple, fast, secure and convenient way to transfer money from one bank account to another.

3. Which RAAST member banks are currently active?

Please see the list of current RAAST member banks.

4. How do I start using RAAST?

  • Visit your nearest Soneri Bank RAAST designated branch.
  • Complete the RAAST registration and / or payment form.
  • Send receive funds instantly!

5. What is the transaction processing time through RAAST platform?

Payments processed through RAAST are on real time basis. Customers can send & receive payments instantly.

6. What is RAAST ID?

RAAST ID is a simple identifier (currently registered mobile number) that you can link with your bank account. Instead of sharing bank account numbers, you can now ONLY share your RAAST ID and start receiving funds in your linked account.

7. Which types of transactions can I avail through the RAAST platform?

For the time being only Person-to-Person (P2P) Inter Bank Funds Transfer (IBFT).

8. How many transactions are permissible in a day through RAAST?

Unlimited transactions can be done through Over-the-Counter (OTC) channel.

9. Is it mandatory to have RAAST ID for RAAST payment transactions?

No, transactions can be executed through IBAN as well.

10. Do I need a bank account number to use RAAST?

Yes, you need to have an account with a bank or any other payment service provider to connect it with RAAST.

11. Can I register multiple RAAST IDs and / or multiple accounts against a RAAST ID?

Currently, an individual can only register one RAAST ID with one linked account (regardless of the number of bank accounts or mobile numbers they may have).

12. Can I execute my RAAST payment transaction through third person instead of my self-presence?

No, customer self-presence along with original ID document is mandatory.

13. Can I change my linked bank account against my RAAST ID?

Yes, you can de-link your RAAST ID from your current bank and can re-link this RAAST ID with another desired bank account.

14. What is the procedure to amend / change a RAAST ID?

Amendment / change can be requested by visiting your parent branch.

15. What are the charges for sending and receiving funds using RAAST?

In spirit to promote financial inclusion and general public facilitation, currently there are no charges on RAAST transactions.

16. What channel of funds transfer does Soneri Bank offers for RAAST payment?

Presently, Soneri Banks offers OTC (Over the Counter) platform for RAAST transaction in designated branches (hyperlink to RAAST Branches).

17. Is there any requirement of Cash or Cheque to execute RAAST Payment transaction?

No hassle to carry cash or cheque, RAAST transaction will be processed only through RAAST payment transaction request (available with RAAST designated branches).

18. What is the limit for RAAST transfers?

RAAST funds transfer limit is upto Rs. 200,000 per transaction. Subject to restriction (if any) imposed by regulator.

19. Can RAAST be used to make international transactions?

No, RAAST is currently offered for local transfers within Pakistan.

20. Are payments made via RAAST safe?

Yes, RAAST offer swift, reliable and state of the art technology features to ensure payments are protected and secure.

21. Should I receive an SMS/Email once a transaction is complete?

Yes, successful transaction should be notified via SMS on your registered Mobile no.

22. How can I registered complaints with reference to RAAST transaction / RAAST ID registration?

Please raise any concerns / issues/ queries on our call center 021-111-SONERI (766374) or your nearest RAAST designated branch.

User Registration/Amendment/Delink

  • Request a Registration form the bank’s Raast representative.
  • Write the branch name (in which the registration is being made) and date.
  • Select a ‘request type’ from the given options i.e. registration, amendment, delink.
  • Under the details of account section, insert your title of account, account number and CNIC number.
  • Write your registered mobile number for Raast ID creation in the given block.
  • For amendment in your Raast ID, insert your account no. and Raast ID under the “Amendment” section.
  • Read customer declaration / authorization points and duly sign at both signatory locations.


  • Request a Transfer form the bank’s Raast representative.
  • Write your branch name (in which the transaction is being made) and date.
  • Write down your Account Title, CNIC No. and Account No. under the applicant’s detail section.
  • Write down the beneficiary’s Account title, IBAN No./ Raast ID, Purpose of transaction and Amount of transaction.
  • After carefully reading the Undertaking section, duly sign at both signatory locations.