Soneri Ladies First Term Deposit


A Women Specific Term Deposit Product aligned with Soneri Ladies First Current Checking Account!

If you are a Ladies First Current Account holder then you can also opt for Soneri Ladies First Term Deposit, and enjoy the benefit of Free Pink Ribbon Insurance of up to PKR 500,000*

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Currency PKR
Minimum Amount 25,000/=
Pink Ribbon Insurance Cover Breast Cancer Insurance Cover of up to PKR 500,000 for TDR holders with a minimum investment of Rs. 500,000 in a single TDR
Worldwide Accidental Insurance Coverage Worldwide Accidental Insurance Coverage with Ladies First Current Account of up to PKR 1 Million
Profit Disbursement Monthly into Ladies First Current Account
Financing Facility Up to 90% of the deposit amount



Expected Profit Rate Per Annum*

1 Year


2 Years


3 Years


*Terms & Conditions Apply


This term deposit shall be linked to Soneri Ladies First Current Account offering exciting free benefits. However, following add on facilities shall also be offered:

  • Subject to the bank’s internal credit assessment financing of up to 90% may be allowed to deposit holder.


  • Insurance coverage shall be applicable for ladies aged 18 till 60.
  • Minimum rate of return will be in accordance with SBP’s prevailing guidelines. Provisional rates are subject to change during the half year.
  • Roll-overs of deposits on previous rates shall be in accordance with prevailing rate sheet.
  • Premature encashment of a time deposit will cause reduction in rate of return by 100bps.