Soneri Tahaffuz ATM Withdrawal


Soneri Tahaffuz protects the cash you withdraw from any ATM nationwide, using your Soneri Debit Mastercard. In case your cash is lost in an armed robbery, Soneri Tahaffuz ATM Withdrawal Coverage will protect what’s yours.


Q1. What is Soneri Tahaffuz?

Soneri Tahaffuz is the ATM cash withdrawal coverage which provides coverage against loss of cash resulting from armed hold-up and/or violent and forced deprivation of money subsequent to its ATM withdrawals. Cash should be withdrawn by the Customer themselves through any 1-Link ATM/Mnet machine or from any Soneri Bank Ltd. ATMs in Pakistan. Coverage is limited to either a 500 meters radius or 60 minutes of the withdrawal, whichever occurs first.

Q2. Why is the coverage limited to 500 meters radius or one hour whichever occurs first, subsequent to cash withdrawal?

This time is kept as a reasonable buffer for you to reach your destination from the time of withdrawal.

Q3. Am I eligible for Soneri Tahaffuz?

All Soneri Debit Mastercard holders of Soneri Bank are automatically enrolled for this product completely free upon activation of the Card.

Q4. How much do I need to pay to avail this coverage?

This is a complimentary cover provided to all Soneri Debit Mastercard holders.

Q5. How can I avail Soneri Tahaffuz?

You are automatically enrolled for this cover free of cost as soon as you activate your Soneri Debit Mastercard.

Q6. What is the expected time for settlement of my claim?

The expected time for settlement of claim is up to fifteen (15) business days subject to the condition that all the requisite documents have been submitted to the Company and all terms and conditions have been complied with.

Q7. How can I cancel this coverage?

The Customer can deactivate/cancel the coverage any time by calling at Soneri Bank Phone Banking Unit or by providing the Bank with a written statement to this effect.

Q8. What if someone else uses my Soneri Debit Mastercard?

The coverage is only applicable to the account holder(s) and shall be effective if the Soneri Debit Mastercard is used by the person to whom the card belongs.

Q9. Who do I contact in case of claims?

In case of claims, please contact our Call Center. In case you have also been robbed of your Debit Card, please notify the bank immediately to block your card.


  • Soneri Bank is acting as a corporate agent of this cover on behalf of Jubilee General Insurance and Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited and shall not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever to any person, pertaining to any claims included but not limited to the insured customer(s), beneficiary or third party
  • Jubilee General Insurance and Pak-Qatar General Takaful Limited are directly responsible to the customer for any liability arising out of the terms and conditions of this Insurance/Takaful coverage, including settling of claims or for the approval or rejection of any claim
  • Read complete policy terms and conditions for detailed information