Mobile Banking USSD / Ufone Based

Soneri Mobile Banking can be activated with these two simple steps if you have a ufone-icon Pre-paid or Post-paid mobile number and a valid Soneri Debit Mastercard.

Registration Procedure on ufone-icon

  • Dial *808# and the mobile banking menu will be displayed
  • Select the bank name (option 3 for Soneri Bank)
  • Enter your CNIC Number (the CNIC number must be the same as the one listed with Soneri Bank)
  • Wait for a registration confirmation message from ufone-icon

Activation Procedure of Mobile Banking via Soneri Phone Banking

  • Dial +92-21-111-766-374(111-Soneri)  
  • Validate your SNIC/NIC and TPIN by selecting option 3
  • After validation, press 4 for Mobile Banking Services Menu 
  • Select Option 4 from the Mobile Banking menu for Mobile Banking activation 
  • Wait for your call to be diverted to a call center agent for second level verification  
  • After verification, the call center agent will divert you to MPIN generation 
  • After successful MPIN generation, the call center agent will activate Soneri Mobile Banking for you 
  • You will receive a confirmation message for activation from ufone-icon