Soneri Current Account


Soneri Current Account lets the customers enjoy a host of free banking services with no restriction on number of transactions. It also provides complete peace of mind with free Worldwide Accidental Insurance and ATM Withdrawal Coverage.

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Account Type Current
Initial Deposit Rs. 1,000/-
Monthly Average Balance Rs.5,000/-
Minimum/Average balance charges (if average balance for the month is below Rs. 5,000/-): Rs. 50/- per month (inclusive of FED)
Transactions Unlimited


  • Free debit card*
  • Free 1st Cheque book (10 Leaves), subsequent issuance will also be free if Rs. 25,000/- monthly average balance is maintained
  • Free 3 banker’s cheque issuance per month, if Rs. 25,000/- monthly average balance is maintained
  • Free online banking
  • Free internet banking, mobile banking and e-statements
  • Free ATM cash withdrawal coverage – Soneri Tahaffuz*
  • Free worldwide accidental insurance coverage*
  • SMS alerts

*Terms & Conditions Apply – Note: Changes effective from 1st April, 2023


PayPak Debit Card is the first option. However, as a second choice Master Debit Card can also be issued against charges as per the bank’s prevailing SOC.


1. What is Soneri Current Account?

Soneri Current Account is most powerful account with no restriction on number of transactions with host of free services.

2. What is unique about this account?

Soneri Current Account gives you numerous free facilities to meet your Banking needs without paying for the Services. In addition, Soneri Current Account comes with free worldwide accidental insurance cover to help protect your loved ones by keeping their future secure.

3. Is there a balance requirement to avail these free facilities?

No, there is no balance requirement to avail these free facilities. However, Rs.50/- will be deducted if monthly average balance is less than Rs.5,000/-

4. What free facilities are offered in Soneri Current Account?

  • Free Banker’s Cheque Issuance
  • Free Personalized Cheque Book
  • Free Soneri PayPak Debit Card
  • Free Online Banking (Funds Transfer / Cash Deposit / Cash withdrawal within Soneri Bank)
  • Free ATM Cash withdrawals from Soneri Bank ATM
  • Free Funds transfer through Internet / Phone / Mobile Banking within Soneri Bank
  • Free Duplicate Statement of Account
  • Free ATM withdrawal coverage – Soneri Tahaffuz
  • Free Worldwide Accidental coverage

5. What is free worldwide accidental cover?

  • In case of accidental death of the principle account holder, insurance coverage shall cover the death as per the details given below. As per the Terms & Conditions applied by Jubilee Insurance
  • Applicable on new and old individual/Joint accounts
  • Claims payable as per the Terms & Conditions applied by Jubilee Insurance
  • Maximum claim payable on Accidental Death – Rs. 1 Million
  • Age bracket between 18 to 65 years.

6. How are claims lodged?

The next of kin of the account holder shall report the death of the principle account holder at the Branch for further processing of the claim
Exclusions on the Worldwide Accidental Cover:

  • Intentional Self injury, suicide or attempted suicide whether felonious or not.
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, whether war will be declared or not, civil war, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, strike, riot, civil commotion, military usurped power.
  • Radioactive contamination
  • The insured being under the influence of, or being affected by intoxicating liquor or drug or drugs, venereal disease or insanity, child birth or pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage or any complications arising from the foregoing.
  • The insured engaging in flying or air travel of any kind (other than as a passenger in any fully licensed multi-engine commercial passenger carrying aircraft and/or helicopter but not as a member of the crew and not for purpose of undertaking any trade or technical operations therein), polo, steeple chasing, bungee jumping, skin diving, pot-holing, hang-gliding, hunting on horseback, sky diving/parachuting, professional football, mountaineering necessitating the use of ropes or guides, winter sports, riding or driving in any kind of race speed or during test or practice thereof, or occupational use of power driven woodworking machinery.
  • The insured engaging or taking part in naval, military, air force and law enforcement services or operations
  • Deliberate exposure to exceptional danger (except in an attempt to save human life) or the insured’s own criminal act.