Basic Banking Account


Soneri Bank Limited introduced Basic Banking Account Scheme on July 01, 2006. The salient features of the Scheme include:

  • Basic Banking Accounts may be opened in the Pak Rupees by individuals including minors under
  • Initial deposit for account opening is Rs.1,000
  • Maximum two deposit transactions and two chequing transactions are allowed, per month
  • Rs.35/-Charges as per prevailing SOC will be charged on each additional transaction through cheques, during the month
  • No minimum balance requirement is applicable
  • Basic Banking Account is non-profit bearing account
  • Soneri Banking Cards for the use of Bank’s Electronic Banking Service are issued without charges for one time issuance of the cards
  • Unrestricted number of withdrawals from the account through ATMs are permissible subject to applicable per day withdrawal limit for amounts in force
  • Cash withdrawals from Soneri Bank’s ATMs are free of Service Charge. Use of another bank’s ATM shall be subject to Service Charges applicable
  • Basic Banking Account holders may also use Soneri Bank’s other Electronic Banking Services subject to completion of applicable formalities which shall be subject to applicable Service Charges
  • Account having -NIL- balances for six consecutive months shall be closed without prior intimation
  • Statement of Accounts are provided once a calendar year at the year end
  • Individuals who already maintain PLS Saving Accounts/ Current Accounts with Soneri Bank’s branches may convert their accounts into Basic Banking Account. Please contact any Soneri Bank branch for further details
  • Withholding Tax applies on all cash withdrawals

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