Soneri Mustaqeem Munafa Account


Munafa account provides regular stream of monthly income with convenience and multiple services. Through this account, our valued customers can manage their short-term as well as long term savings without any deposit and withdrawals transactional restrictions with the concept of higher the investment higher the returns basis.

Soneri Mustaqeem Munafa account is opened on the basis Shari’ah principle of Mudarabah where the customer functions as a Rabb-ul-Maal (investor) and the Bank acts as the Mudarib (Working partner). The customer not only gets return on his investments through deployment of funds in Shari’ah compliant modes but also benefits from a range of services catering to his banking needs.

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Account Type: Savings
Eligibility: Individuals, Partnerships, Joint Account Holders, Companies, Corporates and Trusts.
Initial Deposit: Rs. 100/-
Transactions: Unlimited Deposit & Withdrawals
Profit Rate: As per approved tiered in profit distribution sheet
Profit Calculation: Daily balance
Profit Payment: Monthly


  • Free Internet banking
  • Free Mobile banking
  • Free E-Statements
  • Soneri Debit Card
  • Personalized cheque book
  • Online banking
  • SMS alerts
  • Duplicate Statements
  • Other facilities are also available as per prevailing Soneri Mustaqeem Islamic Banking schedule of charges ahead (mentioned IB SOC Link).


PayPak Debit Card is the first option. However, as a second choice Master Debit Card can also be issued against charges as per the bank’s prevailing Islamic Banking SOC.

Profit Rates

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