Soneri Mustaqeem Asaan Account


Asaan Account offers a simple and convenient way to fulfill all banking needs with minimum documentation requirement. It is offered in both current and savings account types and is suitable for self-employed individuals, students, housewives and daily wagers.
Soneri Mustaqeem Asaan Current Account is based on Qard while Soneri Mustaqeem Asaan Saving Account based on the Mudarabah.
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Account Type: Current & Savings
Eligibility: Individual (Single or Joint)
Initial Deposit: Rs. 100/-
Total Debits per Month: Rs. 1,000,000/-
Maximum Credit Balance: Rs.1,000,000/-
Profit Calculation: Daily balance*
Profit Payment: Monthly *


  • Free Internet banking
  • Free Mobile banking
  • Free E-Statements
  • Soneri Debit Card
  • Cheque book on demand
  • Online banking
  • SMS alerts
  • Duplicate Statements
  • Other facilities are also available as per prevailing Soneri Mustaqeem Islamic Banking schedule of charges ahead (mentioned IB SOC Link).


* Applicable on Soneri Mustaqeem Asaan Saving Account.

PayPak Debit Card is the first option. However, as a second choice Master Debit Card can also be issued against charges as per the bank’s prevailing Islamic Banking SOC.

Profit Rates

For Soneri Mustaqeem Asaan Saving Account Profit Rates please Click Here