Contribution to Healthcare

Soneri Bank believes in providing quality life to individuals of society. In the same spirit, generous contributions were made to various organizations working towards the health sector by the Bank.


The Kidney Centre (TKC)

The Kidney Centre (TKC) is a non-profit organization with an up-to-date medical facility which is providing comprehensive and quality renal care to thousands of underprivileged patients. Soneri Bank took the opportunity to support one of its fund raising events of the year.


Karwan-E-Hayat – Institute of Mental Health Care

Karwan-e-Hayat is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the cause of mental health in Pakistan. It has been providing free or largely subsidized mental health care to an underserved section of our society since 1983. The clinics and hospitals provide psychiatric treatment mainly to the poor and underprivileged. Soneri Bank supported the institute by participating in their annual fund raising event.


Friends of Pink Ribbon Pakistan – United Against Breast Cancer

Pink Ribbon Pakistan – a project of Women’s Empowerment Group is a non-funded, self-sustained campaign, mostly supported by contributions through public philanthropy and driven by a large number of volunteers all over the country. The mission of Pink Ribbon Pakistan is to develop Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment in order to fulfill the dire need of approximately 9.8 million women who are at a risk of breast cancer in Pakistan. Soneri Bank pledged to this cause by monetary contribution towards building of the hospital and contribution in annual fund raiser event.


National Institute of Child Health (NICH) – OAKS

OAKS is the alumni association of Kinnaird College for Women. Both OAKS and NICH have a relationship over the years in which funds have been raised for lifesaving medical equipment for the hospital which includes ventilators, incubators and special thalassemia testing machinery. Soneri Bank supported this cause by participating in the annual fundraiser.


Lady Dufferin Hospital

Lady Dufferin Pakistan’s largest and well known women hospital provides quality healthcare to all socioeconomic groups at subsidized rates. To improve the healthcare facilities of the organization, Soneri Bank extended its support by sponsoring its annual fund raising event for society’s prosperity.


Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness

Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness (PFFB) has been actively participating in activities to create awareness about partially sighted and Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) through provision of Education, Training, Assistive Aids and Counseling. Soneri Bank contributed to this cause by participating in their annual fund raising gala dinner.


Roohbaru – Society for Mental Health

Roohbaru is a non-profit organization founded to create awareness about mental health, provide online consultations with mental health professionals and provide an on-demand mental health and well-being platform to all with an aim to raise awareness on mental health and the stigma associated with it. Soneri Bank supported the cause by participating in their Launch Event.