2017 CSR initiatives

Soneri Bank has aimed to enrich the society in all walks of life by truthfully embracing its brand promise of Roshan Har Qadam. With the spirit of the Sun that universally shines on everyone, In 2017, our CSR activities embodied principle of diversity and making an impact for the betterment of fellow beings. This year the major focus of the bank was in the field of healthcare, education and women empowerment along with other areas of community development, sports and rehabilitation.

Soneri Bank believes in providing quality life to individuals of society. In the same spirit, generous contributions were made to various organizations working towards the health sector by the Bank.


The Kidney Centre (TKC)

The Kidney Centre (TKC) is a non-profit organization with an up-to-date medical facility which is providing comprehensive and quality renal care to thousands of underprivileged patients. Soneri Bank took the opportunity to support one of its fund raising events of the year.


Fatimid Foundation

Fatimid Foundation a non-profit organization provides free blood to patients suffering from various chronic blood disorders requiring blood therapy as an essential part of their treatment. To support the cause Soneri Bank co-sponsored the seminar for International Thalassemia Day.


Patient’s Aid Foundation

Patient’s Aid Foundation a charity based organization committed to provide a free quality healthcare to all. In collaboration with JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre) various patient related activities have been accomplished which includes reconstructing and renovating buildings, reinstating crucial equipment, and providing free medicine and laboratory tests. PAF is working towards “The Jinnah Institute of Cancer and Research (JIC)” in which technologies like CyberKnife will be used to treat the disease. The project is expected to be fully functional by 2020. Soneri Bank pledged the cause by sponsoring its annual fund raising event.


Karwan-E-Hayat – Institute of Mental Health Care

Karwan-e-Hayat is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the cause of mental health in Pakistan. It has been providing free or largely subsidized mental health care to an underserved section of our society since 1983. The clinics and hospitals provide psychiatric treatment mainly to the poor and underprivileged. Soneri Bank supported the institute by participating in their annual fund raising event.


Pink Ribbon Pakistan – United Against Breast Cancer

Pink Ribbon Pakistan – a project of Women’s Empowerment Group is a non-funded, self-sustained campaign, mostly supported by contributions through public philanthropy and driven by a large number of volunteers all over the country. The mission of Pink Ribbon Pakistan is to develop Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment in order to fulfill the dire need of approximately 9.8 million women who are at a risk of breast cancer in Pakistan. The multistory building will provide a holistic breast cancer management solution; diagnostic and treatment facilities to breast cancer patients with latest technology cure. Soneri Bank pledged to this cause by monetary contribution towards building of the hospital and contribution in annual fund raiser event.


Pakistan Parkinson’s Society

Pakistan Parkinson’s Society was created with the mission of easing the life of people afflicted by this disease. Not only it helps in curing the disease but also provide general understanding and management of the same to patient’s care givers and their families. Over the last nine years, the society has taken a patient centric approach to its activities helping to bring significant increase in awareness and options for managing the disease in all segments of society. Soneri Bank contributed monetary towards the efforts of the institute so that the quality of life can be improved of those affected by the disease in the country.


Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre

MALC is a non-profit organization serving the leprosy, TB & Eye patients in Pakistan which includes medical and surgical treatment as well as the physical and social needs of deformed patients. Deserving cases are provided educational, vocational and socio-economic assistance for rehabilitation and integration into their respective communities. Soneri Bank participated in a fund raiser play organized by MALC to help in providing patients with proper access to health facilities.



LRBT is the largest provider of free eye care for the poor in the country and a safety net for many and visually impaired population in Pakistan. In order to further endorse the efforts of the institute, Soneri Bank participated in the Golf Tournament 2017.


Children First The Society

Children First Society is a non-profit organization working towards the ailment of children by providing free treatment, medical supplies, machines and equipment. Various initiatives of cleanliness and hygiene have also been taken for betterment of their patients. The Children First Society’s child development services help children to achieve healthy life to become healthy adults. Soneri Bank supported the cause by participating in their fundraiser event.


National Institute of Child Health (NICH) – OAKS

OAKS is the alumni association of Kinnaird College for Women. Both OAKS and NICH have a relationship over the years in which funds have been raised for lifesaving medical equipment for the hospital which includes ventilators, incubators and special thalassemia testing machinery. Soneri Bank supported this cause by participating in the event fundraiser brochure.

With the focus in the field of education, Soneri Bank has generously supported and promoted various educational organizations for its development.


The Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) a non-profit organization brings positive social change through education. It is one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. To support TCF’s cause of improving the literacy rate of Pakistan, Soneri Bank sponsored a fund raiser play. ‘Heer Ranjha’ to help TCF in its noble cause.


Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission

Rotary Pakistan Literacy Mission (RPLM) is part of Rotary Pakistan. RPLM is striving to overcome the hurdles of class and privilege education by adopting government schools through various Rotary clubs and remodel schools with extensive work on infrastructure and teaching so as to bring them at par with the private sector. Soneri Bank extended its support by sponsoring its fundraising event to uplift RPLM adopted schools in Karachi.


Habib University Foundation

Habib University is a liberal arts and sciences university that offers an interdisciplinary education drawing from the fields of science, engineering, arts, humanities and the social sciences. Committed to providing the highest standards of excellence in tertiary education and envisioned as a node for intellectual activity in the region, Habib University hopes to foster a new generation of scholars who can positively impact society. Soneri Bank partly sponsored the first Habib University Model United Nations (HUMUN) event conducted in collaboration with United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) to support the socio-economic understanding amongst the youth.


SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan

SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan a social welfare organization affiliated with the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children charity. SOS is working for the shelter, education, job trainings to help them lead a better life in the long-term. Soneri Bank continued to support this cause by sponsoring SOS Children’s Carnival 2017.

Saving Thar – Old Associates of Kinnaird Society (OAKS)

Saving Thar is a life-saving project for building the lives and empowering communities in the drought-prone areas of Tharparkar. Soneri Bank expanded the Village Development Model by adopting a village of Rohaj Halepoto which caters 157 households. Several activities like ber grafting, tree plantation, kitchen gardening training, gift goats and providing solar panels for households are part of the sustainability programme. With the continued efforts for this cause, Soneri Bank sponsored Solar lights in households in each village in Rohaj Halepoto & Mithu Paro UC Tagusar.


Special Olympics Pakistan

Special Olympics Pakistan is committed to transforming the lives of people with intellectual disabilities through the power of sports. A year-round sports training to the intellectually disabled is provided through a wide range of sports competitions, health screenings. Seminars are also conducted to raise awareness and create opportunities for families and community members to help the disabled experience joy, courage and pride. Soneri Bank partly sponsored their paly “Sab Golmaal Hai” and pledge its support to the cause.

International Women Leaders Summit

Soneri Bank was part of International Women Leaders’ Summit in 2017. The conference was a professional forum to collate successful and diversified professional women leaders across the globe to impart and integrate their experiences at a local forum for an exchange of broader perspectives and learning.


LADIESFUND® Women Awards

LADIESFUND® is an initiative to provide financial security to women and to promote and train women entrepreneurs. It aims to integrate the entrepreneurial needs based on the economic and social aspects of the local communities, with respect to greater women participation in the workforce. Soneri Bank became part of the 9th LADIESFUND Women’s Awards for Pakistan to support the women empowerment initiatives.


Behbud Association Karachi

Behbud Association Karachi is a well-known NGO conducting the development programs in the areas of health, education, women empowerment and vocational trainings for many years. By contributing in their annual fund raising event, Soneri Bank supported their cause of serving humanity.


Attock Sahara Foundation

Attock Sahara Foundation (ASF) welfare based non-profit organization serves the community since 1966. Its aim is to play a vital role in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the surrounding communities through various welfare projects. Soneri Bank supported their mission by sponsoring an annual fund raising exhibition for this noble cause.

Supporting Golfer

In the spirit of promoting new talent and ambitious people to achieve their dreams, Soneri Bank has sponsored an inspiring golfer, to represent the Bank in various tournaments nationwide.