Women Empowerment

International Women Leaders Summit

Soneri Bank was part of International Women Leaders Summit in 2016. The conference was a professional forum to collate successful and diversified professional women leaders across the globe to impart and integrate their experiences at a local forum for an exchange of broader perspectives and learning.

Attock Sahara Foundation

Attock Sahara Foundation (ASF) welfare based non-profit organization serves the community since 1966. Its aim is to play a vital role in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the surrounding communities through various welfare projects. Soneri Bank supported their mission by sponsoring an annual fund raising exhibition for this noble cause.

Behbud Association Karachi

Behbud Association Karachi is a well-known NGO conducting the development programmes in the areas of health, education and women empowerment for many years. By contributing in their annual fund raising event, Soneri Bank supported their cause of serving humanity.