Promoting Arts and Culture

Gallery 6, Islamabad

Gallery 6, Islamabad a well-known Art Gallery, promotes and awards young Pakistani artists with “Arjumand Painting Award”. The objective is to highlight the importance of classical painting and generate interest in classical art. Soneri Bank supported the cause to revive the culture of classical arts.


SIACHEN – A Pakistani Theatrical Masterpiece

Siachen has been one of the most popular patriotic play staged over a hundred shows in the country. As part of its Employee Engagement Drive 2016, Soneri Bank reserved three consecutive staff shows that received a heartening response.

Mauseeqar-e-Azam Memorial Society

Soneri bank packaged and sponsored Pakistani classic music arranged by Mauseeqar-e-Azam Memorial Society, a Lahore based music academy to pay tribute to late “Master Ghulam Haider” to preserve the classical music of the sub-continent.