2016 CSR initiatives

To ensure the spirit of its brand promise of ‘Roshan Har Qadam’ Soneri Bank has aimed to enrich the society in all walk of lives. In 2016, our CSR activities embodied principle of inclusiveness for the betterment of fellow beings in the field of education, healthcare, community, arts and culture, women empowerment, environment, sports and rehabilitation.

Soneri Bank has generously contributed in healthcare organizations, to serve the purpose of humanity.

The Kidney Centre (TKC)

The Kidney Centre (TKC) a non-profit organization provides comprehensive quality renal care to patients suffering from kidney problems. Soneri Bank took the opportunity to support one of its fund raising events of the year.


Lady Dufferin Hospital

Lady Dufferin Pakistan’s largest and well known women hospital provides quality healthcare to all socioeconomic groups at subsidized rates. To improve the healthcare facilities of the organization, Soneri Bank extended its support by sponsoring its annual fund raising event for society’s prosperity.

Fatimid Foundation

Fatimid Foundation a non-profit organization provides free blood/blood components to patients suffering from various chronic blood disorders requiring blood/blood component therapy as an essential part of their treatment. To support the cause Soneri Bank co-sponsored the seminar for International Thalassaemia Day.


Patient’s Aid Foundation

Patient’s Aid Foundation a charity based organization committed to provide a free quality healthcare to all. In collaboration with JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre) various patient related activities have been accomplished which includes reconstructing and renovating buildings, reinstating crucial equipment, and providing free medicine and laboratory tests. PAF also brought CyberKnife technology in Pakistan that treats cancer. Soneri Bank pledge the cause by sponsoring its annual fund raising event.


Installation of RO Water Plant for Public Use

The need of clean water is a necessity for every human being, thus, to support this noble cause, Soneri Bank installed a RO water plant in a village called Nathuwala Chak, Tehsil Shahkot, District Nankana Sahib to provide clean drinking water for the villagers.

With the focus in the field of education, Soneri Bank has generously supported and promoted various educational organizations for its development.

Aga Khan Education Services, Pakistan

The Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan is amongst the largest private network of education institutions in Pakistan. The institutions working under AKESP works to eradicate illiteracy. Soneri Bank has sponsored several educational programmes for the enhancement and improvement of education.

The Citizens Foundation

The Citizens Foundation (TCF) a non-profit organization brings positive social change through education. It is one of Pakistan’s leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged. To support TCF’s cause of improving the literacy rate of Pakistan, Soneri Bank sponsored basic education of 3 children for 11 years i.e. (Kindergarten to Matric)

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

Institute of Business Administration (IBA) is the oldest educational institution in Karachi. IBA has maintained its position as the premier Institution of higher learning in the field of Management and Business Administration. Soneri Bank widened it support by partially sponsoring in a CPEC Business Conference in order to create awareness for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Program among public/ private sector investors, policy makers, government officials and others.

Family Education Services Foundation

Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) a non-profit educational organization active in Pakistan since 1984. FESF is dedicated to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community, especially those who are disadvantaged. Soneri Bank supported generously in their educational development training programs in order to empower the needy ones to reach to their full potential.

Citizen Archive of Pakistan (CAP)

CAP a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural and historic preservation, aims at educating the community and creates quality awareness about our nation’s history. To support CAP in achieving its mission to build and support educational programmes and develop educational product-based testimonies, Soneri Bank supported the cause by providing sponsorship for the fundraiser carnival in 2016.

Development in Literacy

Developments in Literacy, educates and empowers underprivileged students, especially girls, by operating student-centered model schools; and provides a high-quality professional development to teachers and principals across Pakistan. Soneri Bank has supported this cause by sponsoring the fundraising event for the development of education and literacy.


SOS Children’s Villages Pakistan

SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan a social welfare organization affiliated with the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children charity. SOS is working for the shelter, education, job trainings to help them lead a better life in the long-term. Soneri Bank continued to support this cause by sponsoring an annual carnival for kids.

WWF, Pakistan

WWF is one of the world’s largest and recognized nature conservation organization. For this noble cause of saving nature and environment, SBL contributed through employee activities which included beach cleaning, mangrove sapling, transit walk, web yarn and various environment preservation for the protection and conservation of nature.

Seeding Hope

With the objective to support environment preservation, Soneri Bank metaphorically depicted the journey of the bank via a ‘Seed Concept’, a harbinger for growth, happiness and celebration of 25 Years of Silver Jubilee. With the provision of a seed bag as part of the concept and design, it motivated people to plant a ‘Seed of Hope’ for environmental nurturance.

Gallery 6, Islamabad

Gallery 6, Islamabad a well-known Art Gallery, promotes and awards young Pakistani artists with “Arjumand Painting Award”. The objective is to highlight the importance of classical painting and generate interest in classical art. Soneri Bank supported the cause to revive the culture of classical arts.


SIACHEN – A Pakistani Theatrical Masterpiece

Siachen has been one of the most popular patriotic play staged over a hundred shows in the country. As part of its Employee Engagement Drive 2016, Soneri Bank reserved three consecutive staff shows that received a heartening response.

Mauseeqar-e-Azam Memorial Society

Soneri bank packaged and sponsored Pakistani classic music arranged by Mauseeqar-e-Azam Memorial Society, a Lahore based music academy to pay tribute to late “Master Ghulam Haider” to preserve the classical music of the sub-continent.

Karachi Golf Club

The Karachi Golf Club is the oldest golf club in Pakistan. To promote and support Golf in Karachi, Soneri Bank sponsored a Golf Tournament which provided a recreational sports forum for corporate clientele and staff.

Airmen Golf Club

The Airmen Golf Course is one of the largest golf courses in the country spread over hundreds of the acres. To promote sports and recreational activities, the Bank has sponsored the Golf event.

Supporting Golfer

In the spirit of promoting new talent and ambitious people to achieve their dreams, Soneri Bank has sponsored an inspiring golfer, to represent the Bank in various tournaments nationwide.

Saving Thar – Old Associates of Kinnaird Society (OAKS)

Saving Thar is a life-saving project for building the lives and empowering communities in the drought-prone areas of Tharparkar. Soneri Bank expanded the Village Development Model by adopting a village of Rohaj Halepoto which caters 157 households. Several activities like ber grafting, tree plantation, kitchen gardening training, gift goats and providing solar panels for households are part of the sustainability programme.


Network of Organizations with People with Disabilities, Pakistan (NOWPDP) raises the awareness in the society about the rights of persons with disabilities. For this noble cause, the bank has sponsored 25 Baithaks to the well-being of the disabled.


Rotary Metropolitan Trust

Rotary Metropolitan Trust a non-profit organization working for the development of community. Their projects are focused in the field of health, basic education and skill development in Karachi and across Sindh. Soneri Bank extended its support by sponsoring its annual fundraising event for community development projects.

International Women Leaders Summit

Soneri Bank was part of International Women Leaders Summit in 2016. The conference was a professional forum to collate successful and diversified professional women leaders across the globe to impart and integrate their experiences at a local forum for an exchange of broader perspectives and learning.

Attock Sahara Foundation

Attock Sahara Foundation (ASF) welfare based non-profit organization serves the community since 1966. Its aim is to play a vital role in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of the surrounding communities through various welfare projects. Soneri Bank supported their mission by sponsoring an annual fund raising exhibition for this noble cause.

Behbud Association Karachi

Behbud Association Karachi is a well-known NGO conducting the development programmes in the areas of health, education and women empowerment for many years. By contributing in their annual fund raising event, Soneri Bank supported their cause of serving humanity.