Staying true to its vision of empowering people by assisting them with rehabilitation efforts, Soneri Bank has been involved with events that seek to empower vulnerable segments of our society.

Saving Thar – Old Associates of Kinnaird Society (OAKS)

In 2015, Soneri Bank sponsored a dug-well in a rural village, Mithrio Rojh, located in the surroundings of sub-district Chachro of Tharparkar as part of the “Saving Thar” project implemented by OAKS Karachi Chapter (Alumni Association of Kinnaird College of Women Lahore), in collaboration with Hisaar Foundation. The dug-well serves 120 households of approximately 900 people and 2000 animals. This dug-well, having a durability of 50 years, would salvage the state of drought in this volatile area of Pakistan.