Shareholder’s Information

Circular to Shareholders

Cash Dividend (D-9)

Details of Unclaimed status of dividend D-1 to D-8 as on 31.05.2018
Bank Mandate Form
Dividend Payable (D-8) -Shareholders without CNIC Numbers
Request for dispatch of Annual Audited Accounts in hard form
Form for payment of cash dividend through electronic mode
Dividend Payable (D-7) -Shareholders without CNIC Numbers
Dividend Payable (D-6) –Shareholders without CNIC Numbers
Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) & latest mailing addresses
Consent for soft copy of Audited Financial Statements, Notice of AGM and submission of copy of NTN certificate/CNIC and addresses updation for delivery of undelivered/unclaimed shares

Notice of Annual/ Extra Ordinary General Meeting

Notice of 3rd EOGM – 26.10.2018
Notice of 26th AGM – 30.03.2018
Notice of 25th AGM – 28.03.2017
Notice of 24th AGM – 25.03.2016
Notice of 23rd AGM – 27.03.2015
Notice of 22nd AGM -28.03.2014
Notice of 21st AGM -28.03.2013

Proxy Form

Proxy Form of 3rd EOGM – 26.10.2018

Investors’ Grievances

Mr. Muhammad Yasoob Ali
Officer Corporate Affairs

Address: Central office Karachi,
10th floor, PNSC Building, M.T. Khan Road, Karachi.

UAN: 021-111-567-890
Fax: (92-21) 35643326

SECP’s Investor Complaints

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2nd TFC Issue

Prospectus for 2nd Issue of TFCs
Application for TFCs subscription

ADT1 TFC Issue

SNBL ADT1 TFCs – Prospectus
SNBL ADT1 TFCs – IPO Application Form

Transfer Deed

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Website Compliance Certificate

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