Mr. Ahmed A. Feerasta

Non-Executive Director

A young, energetic entrepreneur with a lot of ambition and sound business acumen, Mr. Ahmed A. Feerasta is the driving force behind Rupali Foods’ business setup. After completion of his graduation in the Bachelors of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, USA, he joined Rupali Polyester Limited in 2006, where he looked after corporate procurement and planning. Before being appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Rupali Foods, Mr. Ahmed was engaged in the business of manufacturing and the sale of Polyester Yarn with an annual turnover of about Rs. 5 billion. Apart from his rich experience in corporate operations, including procurement, finance, imports, and marketing, he also has extensive exposure in dealing with commercial Banks/DFIs.

Under his dynamic leadership, Rupali Foods sets its eye on becoming one of the leading food brands in the country. He has attended various courses conducted by professional intuitions. He is also a certified Director from the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.