Mr. Inam Elahi

Independent Director

Mr. Inam Elahi is an independent director on the Board of the Bank. He has a rich banking experience of more than 43 years during which time he was instrumental in managing Allied Bank Ltd, National Bank Ltd, Platinum Commercial Bank Ltd and Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Ltd in the capacity of President & Chief Executive Officer and provided them with the strategic leadership with which these corporate entities were risen to new heights of efficiency, growth and prosperity. He had also served as the Chairman, SBP Committee for resolution of disputes as well as Chairman – Finance Committee of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (“IBP”). Currently, he is the Chairman – Provident Fund and Gratuity Fund Committee of the IBP.
In 1994, the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan has awarded him Gold Medal for his meritorious services and outstanding contributions to banking in Pakistan. He is the fellow of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan and has also vast experience of attending various seminars and workshops – both local and international. He is also a Certified Director from Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance.
He is the Chairman Audit Committee, Member of the Risk Management Committee, IT Committee, Human Resource & Remuneration Committee and Committee of Independent Directors of the Board.