Soneri Bank Wins PAS Platform Award For Best In Print Category

Karachi: Soneri Bank won the “Best in Print Category” award at the Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS) Annual Award Ceremony held at Expo Centre on 15 April 2017. PAS Awards are held annually to award the best performing brands in different categories for excellence in communication and creativity.

Soneri Bank won the platform award for Best in Print category competing with nation’s top ten banks and nominations of other category brands such as Jazz and Lux. The award went to Soneri Bank’s Independence Day advertisement, conceived and designed by Adcom Leo Burnett. The advert was embedded with a QR Code which when scanned, directed readers to the actual Independence Day radio broadcast transmission by Mustafa Hamdani on Radio Pakistan on 14th August 1947 at 12 am. This award represents Soneri Bank’s breakthrough communication and represent Bank’s unconventional

Soneri Bank consistently aims to produce superior quality work which the Bank and society can proudly own and they constantly pursue excellence as they set sail for more challenging waters – Roshan Har Qadam

Soneri Bank

From left to right: Sabina Bhagat (Marketing Manager, Soneri Bank), Fariya Zaeem (Head of Marketing, Soneri Bank), Awais Dhakan (Executive Creative Director, Adcom Leo Burnett), Muzaffar Manghi (General Manager, Adcom Leo Burnett)