Soneri Savings Account


Soneri Savings Account is a flexible and fast growing cumulative profit account. The profit rate in this account increases as the account balance increases. The account may be opened with any amount. Soneri Savings Account is easy to access and easy to use.


  • Profit and loss sharing
  • No minimum balance is required
  • Profit is credited on monthly basis on the provisional rate of profit


  • Checking account facility with no limit on the number of transactions
  • Free cash deposit and withdrawal facility through your bank branch
  • Free clearing facility to deposit cheques of other banks within the city
  • Online funds transfer through cheques to any account across Pakistan
  • Statement of account on six monthly basis
  • Zakat is deducted where applicable.

Profit Rates

Annualized rates of expected profit for different types of PLS deposits.

Effective: 1st June 2016
Period: 1st June – 31st December, 2016

  • Operational facility like Current Accounts without any restriction on amount and number of Cheques
  • Profit paid on monthly basis on daily products
Balance Rate of Return p.a
Up to Rs. 10.0 Million 3.75%
Over Rs. 10.0 Million up to Rs. 50.0 Million 3.85%
Over Rs. 50.0 Million to Rs.100 Million 3.95%
Over Rs. 100.0 Million to Rs. 250.0 Million 4.05%
Over Rs. 250.0 Million to Rs.500.0 Million 4.25%
Over Rs. 500.0 Million 4.50%