PLS Savings Account


PLS Savings Account is a simple deposit account with great convenience. The account may be opened with any amount and there is no minimum balance requirement either

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  • Profit and loss sharing
  • No minimum balance is required
  • Calculation of profit on PLS Savings Account is computed each month on the monthly average balance
  • Profit/loss on PLS Savings Account is credited on a six monthly basis


  • Free cash deposit and withdrawal facility
  • Free clearing facility to deposit cheques of other banks within the city
  • Online funds transfer through cheques to any account across Pakistan
  • Statement of account on a six monthly basis
  • Zakat is deducted where applicable.

Profit Rates

Annualized rates of expected profit for different types of PLS deposits.

Effective: 1st June 2016
Period: 1st June – 31st December, 2016

  • Rate of Return 3.75% p.a.
  • Regular checking account
  • Profit paid bi-annually