Soneri Bank Limited                         Schedule of Bank Charges
  Instruction Circular No: 1245
A] I M P O R T S
i]. a). Cash Letters of Credit First Quarter Each subsequent quarter
upto Rs. 10 M 0.40% 0.25%
over Rs. 10 M uptp Rs. 100 MM 0.30% 0.20%
over Rs. 100 M 0.20% 0.15%
Minimum Rs. 1,000/=
Note: The above commission is subject to adjustment after obtaining approval of
  competent authority based on annual volumes/values & arrangements with
b). Revalidation Commission As applicable for opening fresh Letter
of expired LCs of Credit, as in (i-a) above
c). Transfer Commission As applicable in case of fresh Letter of
Credit, as in (i-a) above.
ii] a). Non-reimbursable Letters of Credit 1% per quarter or part thereof. 0.30%
under Barter / Aid / Loans. for each subsequent quarter or part
thereof. Minimum Rs.250/=.
b). L/C under-Suppliers/Buyers Credit, Commission @ 0.40% per quarter
Pay As You Earn Scheme and or part thereof. (At the time of opening
Deferred Payment L/Cs for period of L/C to be charged on full amount
over one year. of L/C liability plus interest payable
thereon for the period from the date of
opening of L/C till the expiry of L/C,
thereafter commission is to be
recovered on six monthly basis on
reducing liability).
iii] Bills drawn at Usance under the 1] Rs.500/= per bill (flat) to be charged at
Letters of Credit other than the time of retirement of bills.
PAYES (Pay as you Earn Scheme)
and Suppliers / Buyers Credit. 2] Extra Commission @ 0.125 % per month is to
be recovered / charged for the usance Import
Bills for any period beyond validity of Letter of
Credit or period for which LC opening
commission charged.
iv] Amendments Rs.750/= per transaction (Flat) or commission
under items (i) or (ii) above, if amendment
involves increase in amount or extension in
period of shipment.
v] a). Mark-up on import bills under 1] if retired within 20 45 paisas per
Letters of Credit days from date of Rs.1,000/= daily
negotiation / product.
2] if retired after 20 49 paisas per
days but within Rs.1,000/= daily
35 days from date product.
of negotiation /
remittance subsequent
to the period at 1] above
3] if retired after 35 53 paisas per
days from date of Rs.1,000/= daily
negotiation / product.
remittance subsequent
period at 1] & 2] above
b). Bank's commission if documents are not Paisas 25 per Rs.100/= on outstanding
retired within 20 days from date of amount beyond a period of 20 days.
negotiation / remittance.
c). Overdue Commission in case DA/Usance Bills 57 Paisas per Rs. 1,000/= per day from date
not paid by Importers on Due Date of maturity till date of payment.
N O T E : -                                        
  - No Mark-up to be charged from the date of negotiation to the date of Lodgement if 100%
  interest /return free cash margin is provided.  
  - Where value date of debit to our account is mentioned on the covering Schedule/Telex/
  Swift intimation, mark-up to be charged from such effective value date.  
  - Rates are subject to adjustment after obtaining approval of competent authority in
  consideration of business volumes/values & arrangements with the customers.  
  - When reimbursement is made upon receipt of documents mark-up is to be charged
    from the date of remittance.                        
vi] Import Bills returned unpaid US$ 100/= (Flat) from forwarding Bank plus
Courier charges.
vii] a). Documentary Collections Rs.500/= (Flat) per collection
b). Consignments 1) 0.20% Flat handling charges at the time of
registration of contracts / purchase order /
proforma invoice etc. Minimum Rs.500/=.
2) Rs.200/= for each subsequent
amendment in the registration.
NOTE: The above commission is subject to adjustment after obtaining approval of competent
    authority based on annual volumes/values & arrangements with customers.    
c). Remittance against import without LC / Rs.500/= flat plus FDD / FTT charges.
Advance Payment
viii] Service charges for arranging Rs.500/=
transportation of consignments from
Karachi to Dry ports on specific
instructions of the importers.
ix] Service Charges against import @ Paisas 13 per Rs.100/= or Rs. 1/30 per mille.
transactions i.e. import bills (IFB) /
collection (IB)/Advance Payment.
x] Re-imbursement charges (payable to At actual.
re-imbursing Banks).
xi] Obtaining credit reports on foreign Rs.250/= plus foreign bank/agency charges
supplier. at actuals plus telex charges.
xii] Discrepancy fee U.S.$. 10/= plus Swift/Telex Charges
if discrepant documents are presented.
B] E X P O R T
a). Advising Rs. 1,000/= (Flat)
b). Amendment Advising Rs. 750/= (Flat)
c). Negotiation of Rupee Bills 0.35% Min. Rs. 1,000/=
under Letters of Credit
d). Confirmation 0.35% per quarter Min. Rs.1,000/=
e). Transfer of Export LCs Rs. 1,500/= (Flat) plus Swift &/or Postage Charges
f). Reimbursement payment to / from other Rs.250/= (Flat)
local banks from N.R. Rupee Accounts
ii] If the documents are sent to other banks Rs. 1000/= (Flat) Handling charges plus 0.13%
for negotiation under restricted letters of service charges.
iii] Negotiation/Purchase of Export Bills under OD Buying Rate or rate agreed with customer to
Sight or Usance Letter of Credit or DP be applied. If proceeds not realised within
Collection. period of the deal then 50 paisas per day per
Rs. 1,000/= to be charged for any delay beyond
deal period.
iv] Export Refinance Application Handling Rs. 500/= per application
v] LTF (Long Term Facility under SBP Scheme)
Handling Charges Rs. 1,500/= per case
a). Clean / Cheques Rs. 150/= per collection
b). Handling of Export documents sent Rs. 750/= per collection
on collection/advance payment documents
c). Service charges against Export @ Paisas 13 Per Rs.100/= or Rs. 1/30 per mille.
documents sent on collection basis/
Advance Payment of Export
vii] Handling of Duty Draw Back Claims 0.35% Min. Rs. 500/= per claim
viii] Handling of Research & Development 0.40% Min. Rs. 500/= per claim
Support Claims with S.B.P.
ix] Collection of Export Development Surcharge Rs. 80/= per transaction to be charged to exporters
x] Overdue FAFB/FAPC Overdue Export 19% p.a. from the date of overdue/Maturity to date
Refinance. of payment (or 52 paisa/day/1000)
Overdue FAFB: DP documents 45 days
from the date of disbursement and
other Usance DA) documents three
days after maturity
xi] Overdue FLATR or FE-25 Pre or Post 2% for overdue period in addition to normal mark-up.
a). Issue of Foreign Currency
Travellers' Cheques
i]. From Foreign Currency Accounts 1% (Selling Agents' Commission) from
or Against Travel Quota. the purchaser
ii]. Against surrender of Foreign 1% (Selling Agents' Commission) plus
Currency Notes as per limit 0.50% Service Charges.
prescribed by S.B.P.
b). Issuance of FMT / FTT / FDD Rs. 400/= (Flat) + Swift Charges of
against Pak Rupees Rs. 400/= in case of FTT.
c). Service Charges against issuance of @ Paisas 13 per Rs.100/= or Rs. 1/30 per mille.
Foreign Mail Transfers (FMTs) /
Teletransfers (FTTs) or Foreign
Demand Drafts (FDDs).
d). DD/TT and MT (for remittances @ US$ 1/= per US$ 1,000/= or part thereof
abroad through F.C. A/cs.) Minimum US$ 5/=
Maximum US$ 25/= or equivalent
in other Foreign Currencies plus
Swift Charges of US$ 8/= in case of TTs.
e). Remittances/Encashment from Foreign 0.15% Flat
Currency Accounts within 10 days after (Min. Rs. 100/=)
deposit of Foreign Currency Notes. (For
our regular customers)
Remittances/Conversions upto amount of U.S.$. 5,000/= shall be exempt from the above
referred charges.
f). Deposit of Euro, Pound Sterling i). At upcountry branches 0.50%
& UAE Dirhams Notes in FC Accounts Min. Rs. 200/=
of Exchange Companies. ii). At Karachi branches 0.25%
Min. Rs. 200/=
a). Others Nil, if the proceeds are credited to an
account with the drawee bank. In other
cases a flat charge of Rs.13/=.
b). Indenting Commission Service charges @ paisas 13 per Rs. 100/=
Min. Rs. 100/=.
c). Commission / Handling Charges on For US$ Notes of below US$ 50/= denominations
deposit of currency notes for the credit US$ 1/= per US$ 100/= min. US$ 1/=
of Foreign Currency Account.
iii] Purchase of clean instruments like TCs, Rs. 300/= Handling Charges.
Bank Drafts etc. OD Buying Rate to be applied. If proceeds
not realised within 12 days then paisas 50
per day per Rs.1,000/= to be charged for
i] Handling Charges in lieu of exchange 0.13% with a minimum of Rs.500/=.
earnings where importer buys foreign
exchange from some other bank for LC
opened / contract registered with us.
ii] Correspondent's Charges Actual
iii] For verification of test or authenticity of Rs. 250/= plus SWIFT charges &/or postage.
SWIFT Message on behalf of other banks.
a). Postage Inland Rs. 75/=
Postage Overseas (Ordinary) Rs. 200/=
Postage Overseas (Registered) Rs. 250/=
b). Courier Inland Rs. 100/=
Courier Foreign Rs. 1,500/=
c). Swift
Swift/Overseas Rs. 500/= for short messages
Swift/Overseas Rs.1,500/= full text LCs etc.
d). Fax Overseas Rs.250/= per page
Inland (from one city to another) Rs.100/= per page
Local (within same city) Rs. 20/= per page
v] Inward Collections (including F.C. A/cs) US$ 1/= per US$ 1,000/=
received from abroad or local banks or part thereof
where the payment is demanded in Minimum US$ 3/=
Foreign Currency. Maximum US$ 6/=
vi] Inward Cheques received from 0.15% Commission
upcountry or local banks for payment in If payment through teleadvise, cable / telex /
Pak Rupees. (Convert the relevant fax charges to be recovered.
Foreign Currency at the T.T. Buying Rate).
vii] NOC to other banks for "E" Forms Rs. 500/=
verified by us.
viii] Handling of Transactions of indirect Rs. 500/= per transactions
exporters. (SPO)
a). For Credit to Rupee A/c. Service Charges @ paisas 13 per Rs. 100/=
Min. Rs. 100/= per collection.
b). For Credit to Foreign Currency A/c. i). US$ 2/= or equivalent Foreign Currency
per instrument.
ii). In case of Travellers Cheques US$ 2/=
per collection.
iii). For Collection through Local U.S. Dollar
Collection Service and Cheque Return
Charges. Rs. 300/= per instrument.
c). Foreign Bills for Collection (Clean/Documentary) Rs.500/= plus courier charges &/or
returned unpaid. Swift charges if any.
d). Charges for US$ Clearing thru. NIFT US$ 1.00 per transaction.
Return Charges
x] Standing instructions in Foreign US$ 1.00 per transaction.
Currency Accounts
xi] Issuance of Proceeds Certificate of Rs.200/= per certificate
remittance dated beyond one year.
xii] Submission of Application for freight subsidy Rs.100/= per case.
xii] Issuance of Realisation Certificates Rs.100/= per certificate.
(Annex: A or B) for rebate claims.
xiv] Stop Payment of Cheques U.S.$. 2/= or equivalent
(Foreign Currency Accounts)
xv] FDD Cancellation U.S.$. 5/= or equivalent
xvi] Any other out of pocket expenses on any At actuals
transaction not covered under the schedule.
xvii] Frozen Foreign Currency Accounts A maximum of US$ 10/= or
equivalent. To be recovered
from the account where the
balances therein is upto
US$ 10/= or equivalent.
                  DOMESTIC BANKING              
A] REMITTANCES:                
i] a). DDs, MTs & TTs payable on branches of other banks under arrangements where commission is
shared and TTs on our own branches:-
upto Rs.10,000/= Rs.10,001/= to Rs.100,000/= Over Rs.100,000/=
Rs. 30/= flat 0.20% Minimum Rs.50/= 0.075% Minimum Rs.200/=
(Charges to be rounded of to the nearest Rupee)
b). In case of drawings on other banks where the minimum amount to be charged under arrangements
with the bank is higher than our minimum charges than such minimum charges as prescribed
under the arrangements would be charged.
c). Telegram / Telex Charges on TTs Rs.50/= (Flat)
d). DD / TT Cancellation Rs. 100/=
e). Issuance of Duplicate DD Rs. 100/=
a). Issuance of Bankers Cheques payable Rs. 150/= (Flat)
at any Soneri Bank Branches
b). Cancellation of Bankers Cheque Rs. 100/= (Flat)
c). Issuance of Duplicate Bankers Cheque Rs. 150/= (Flat)
d). A customer maintaining an Average Balance of Rs. 250,000/= Un-encumbered in Current Account,
throughout the past six months will be allowed four Bankers Cheque in a week free of cost.
Additionally, he will be allowed two bankers cheques for every Rs. 100,000/= further credit in the
account. It means a customer maintaining a balance of Rs. 350,000/= will be entitled to six free
bankers cheques in a week and the one maintaining Rs. 450,000/= balance will get the facility of
eight free bankers cheques, and so on. This facility is allowed only in Current Accounts.
e). For Ikhtiar Accounts No charges subject to average monthly balance of Rs. 50,000/=
iii] Transfers from Collection Accounts No charges if funds are transferred on or after
with one branch to main account with next working day otherwise Rs.100/= per
another branch. transfer - No other charges by way of postal
charges etc. to be recovered.
However, in case of Collection Accounts in the
name of "Individuals" fax charges of Rs. 100/=
in addition to above would be levied.
iv] Issuance of State Bank of Pakistan Rs. 500/= (Flat)
Cheque on specific request of
v] Settlement of 3rd Party Fund Transfers through Prism System (RTGS)
Days Transaction Per Transaction Charges Total Charges
Time Windows (PKR) of SBP Including SBP Charges
            09:00 am to 01:30 p,m Rs. 200/=     Rs. 220/=
Monday to Friday   01:30 pm to 03:00 pm Rs 300/=     Rs. 330/=
            03:00 pm to 04:00 pm Rs. 500/=     Rs. 550/=
Saturday       09:00 am to 11:30 am           Rs. 200/=     Rs. 220/=
            11:30 am to 12:30 pm           Rs 300/=     Rs. 330/=
Inter-city Transfer:-
upto Rs. 500,000/= Rs. 100/=
over Rs. 500,000/= Rs. 200/=
plus with-holding tax at prevalent rates wherever applicablte.
For Ikhtiar Accounts no charges subject to average balance of Rs. 50,000/=
vii] Same Day Outward Clearing
a). In towns where clearing is through NIFT Rs. 300/= per instrument
b). For other Branches Rs. 200/= per instrument
a). Opening Commission 0.40% per quarter of part thereof
Minimum Rs. 750/= for the first quarter.
For each subsequent quarter or
part thereof 0.20%.
b). Amendments Rs. 500/= Flat or commission as at (a) above
if amendment involves increase in amount
or extension in validity.
c). Others In case an Inland LC is opened through
another bank, then actual charges of the
bank opening the letter of credit would be
recovered in addition to our own charges
prescribed above. The same would apply
to amendments to LCs opened through
other banks.
d). Advising Rs. 750/= (Flat)
e). Amendment Advising Rs. 500/= (Flat)
NOTE: i. The above commissions at (a) (b) & (c ) is subject to adjustment after obtaining approval of
  competent authority based on annual volumes/values & arrangements with customers.
  ii. In case commission is for account of beneficiary, it should be recovered upfront from the
  openers at the time of opening the LC. On receipt of proceeds + LC Opening commission,
    the LC commission so received should be credited to opener's A/c.        
ix] Authorities to encash cheques No commission by issuing branch but
charges on purchase of cheque will be
recovered as per item B(ii) (b) below.
Minimum Rs.15/= plus courier charges.
B] B I L L S
a). Documentary:
1] through our own branches 0.35% Min. Rs. 100/= plus postage /
Courier charges
2] through branches of other banks 0.50% Min. Rs. 100/= plus postage /
under arrangements where Courier charges
commission is shared. These
charges will also apply in case a
collection is sent to the drawee
branch of another bank.
b). Clean [Including cheques]:
1] through our own branches 0.50% Min. Rs. 50/= plus postage /
Courier charges
2] through branches of other banks 0.35% Min. Rs.45/= plus postage /
under arrangements where Courier charges
commission is shared. These
charges will also apply in case a
collection is sent to the drawee
branch of another bank.
3] through NIFT where up-country Rs. 300/= per collection
collection facility is available
a). Documentary Bills other than those Same charges as for collection as indicated
drawn against Letters of Credit and at (i)(a) and (b) above plus Mark-up from
Clean Bills / Trade Cheques. date of purchase to the date of payment
plus postage / courier charges from drawer
or drawee as per arrangements between them.
b). Other cheques / demand instruments 0.40% Min. Rs.15/= plus postage /
[like dividend warrants etc.] courier charges
Collection agent's charges if the collection bank is other than the bank, will be extra.
Telegram/Long Distance call charges will be extra, if fate of the instrument is asked for by bank.
c). Mark-up shall be applied as under on bills purchased
i] If retired upto 21st day, from the date 45 Paisas per Rs.1,000/= daily product.
of purchase.
ii] If retired after 21 days 49 Paisas per Rs.1,000/= daily product.
d). Storage Charges i] No charges, if cleared within 3 days of
its receipt by the Branch
ii] Rs. 0.50 per packet per day.
Min. Rs.10/=.
iii] Returning Charges
Returning Charges for Documentary Documentary Rs. 60/= plus postage /
and Clean Collections in case the courier charges
instruments are returned unpaid. Clean Rs. 50/= -- do --
1] Sight Bills
i] Negotiating End
a). Negotiation Commission 0.39% Min. Rs.250/=.
If not realised within 12 days then 50 paisas per day per Rs. 1,000/= to be
charged for any delay beyond 12 days.
b). Collection charges for restricted Flat Rs.350/= per bill.
L/Cs [where negotiation is
restricted to some other bank
and presented to us for forwarding].
ii] At opening end [at the time
of retirement] rates of Mark-up.
a). If retired within 3 days from the Mark-up @ 45 Paisas per Rs.1,000/= daily
date of lodgement. product from the date of negotiation.
b). If retired after 3 days of lodgement Mark-up @ 49 Paisas per Rs.1,000/= daily
but within 30 days from the date of product plus Bank's Commission @ 0.20%.
c). If retired after 30 days from the Mark-up @ 53 Paisas per Rs.1,000/= daily
date of negotiation. product plus Mark-up and Bank's
commission as in [a] and [b] above.
2] Usance Bills:
i] At Negotiating End:
a). Negotiation Commission 0.39% Min. Rs.100/=.
b). In case of purchase Usual Commission as in [a] above and
paisas 50 per day per Rs.1,000/= from the
date of purchase till the date of maturity.
ii] At Opening End:
a). If bill matures after expiry of L/C. DA Commission @ 0.10% per month on bill
amount for any period beyond validity of
letter of credit.
b). If bill remains unpaid after due date Mark-up @ 50 paisas per Rs.1,000/= per day
from due date till date of payment.
NOTE: All other charges as per notes [a] to [c] and [e] above, where applicable, will be extra.
Following charges may be recovered in addition
to interest / return on investment.
i] Miscellaneous charges [i.e. charges Actual, in addition, project Examination Fee
for documents, evaluation of Security, @ 1% and Commitment Fee @ 0.50%
Search, Mortgage charge registration [where applicable in each case].
and maintenance thereof etc.]
ii] Legal Advice i). In-House Min. Rs. 3,000/= Max. Rs. 5,000/=
( As per Legal Dept. Advice )
ii). Outside At Actuals
iii] Legal Documentation Cost Cost at actual plus any out of pocket expenses
iv] Processing Fee for New Credit Proposals
for Business Accounts:-
a). Facilities upto Rs. 1 M Rs. 2,000/= flat
b). Over Rs. 1 M upto Rs. 10 M Rs. 3,000/= flat
c). Over Rs. 10 M upto Rs. 25 M Rs. 4,000/= flat
d). Over Rs. 25 M Rs. 5,000/= flat
v] Renewal/Enhancement of Credit Facilities Rs. 2,000/= flat
Following are one time processing fee:
a). Finance upto Rs. 0.100 Million N I L
b). Above Rs. 0.100 Million to Rs. 0.500 Million Rs. 500/=
c). Above Rs. 0.500 Million to Rs. 1.000 Million Rs. 750/=
d). Above Rs. 1.000 Million to Rs. 5.000 Million Rs. 1,500/=
e). Above Rs. 5.000 Million Rs. 5,000/=
a). Movement out of shares pledged. Rs.500/= per transaction.
b). Godown Rent Actual.
c). Godown Staff Salaries:
Salaries of Godown Actual.
Keepers / Chowkidars
d). Godown / Stocks Inspection Charges Rs. 1,000/= for facility upto Rs. 10 M and
Rs. 2,000/= for facility over Rs. 10 M plus
out of pocket expenses at actuals.
e). Inspection of vessels for scrapping / Rs. 1,000/= for facility upto Rs. 10 M and
inspection of stock of scrap of vessels. Rs. 2,000/= for facility over Rs. 10 M plus
conveyance charges.
f). Delivery Charges:
If Godown Keeper is not posted, Actual
conveyance charges will be recovered.
g). Other incidental expenses:
Insurance Premium, Legal Charges etc. Actual
h). FIM Commission 1% Flat Min. Rs.500/=. In case of
un-serviceable ships for scrapping
no commission to be charged.
i). Penal charges on overdue FIM / FTR Paisas 6 per Rs. 1,000/= per day for the
overdue period in addition to normal mark-up.
While recovering the Miscellaneous charges like godown rent, godown staff salary,
inspection charges etc. the amount recovered from the borrowers shall not exceed the
total rent of the godown, salary of the godown staff etc. In other words, Miscellaneous
Charges should be levied as per actuals and should not become a source of profit to the bank.
j). For the issuance of N.O.C. on the request Rs.2,500/= Flat
of Customers/Clients for creating additional/
pari-passu charge/second charge on their
fixed assets for acquiring further financing
from other banks/financial institutions.
k). Redemption fee to be recovered from Rs. 2,000/= Flat
party when bank officers are required
to go before Registrar for redemption
of the mortgage.
l). Obtaining report from CIB, S.B.P. Rs. 200/= per report
i] Soneri Ghar Finance
a). Miscellaneous charges for documents Actual
evaluation of security, search and .
mortgage registration
b). Processing Fee 0.50% of Finance Amount
Min. Rs. 2,500/=
c). Mortgage Protection Insurance Premia Actual
d). Prepayment Charges 2% of the outstanding amount being prepaid
ii] Soneri Car Finance
a). Miscellaneous charges for documents, Actual
Vehicle Registration & Comprehensive
Insurance Policy Premia
b). Processing Fee Rs. 3,500/= (flat)
c). Vehicle Repossession charges Actual
d). Prepayment charges 2% of the outstanding amount being prepaid
iii] Soneri Personal Finance
a). Processing Fee Rs. 2,500/=
b). Miscellaneous charges for documents Actual
c). Prepayment Charges 5% of the outstanding amount being prepaid
Late payment charges for all products
Where repayment installments are not Rs. 500/= per installment per month.
received for the month
a). Miscellaneous charges for documents Actual
evaluation of security, search and .
mortgage registration
b). Processing Fee 0.50% of Finance Amount
Min. Rs. 2,500/=
i] Standing instructions fee will be recovered Rs. 50/= per transaction.
in addition to the usual charges on
remittances, if any.
ii] If funds transfer is in same branch from Rs. 50/= per transfer
one A/c to another. Will however not
apply in following cases:-
a). If funds are transferred from one account
to another account with the same title.
b). If funds are transferred from one account
to another account within the same group.
i] Sale and purchase of shares and securities. 0.15% upto Rs.10,000/= of purchase price or
cost thereof. Min. Rs.10/=.
0.10% on amount exceeding Rs.10,000/=.
Min. Rs.20/=.
a). The above charge is in addition to brokerage.  
b). Commission is not to be recovered on purchased of newly floated securities, where it is
  payable by the Government/Government Agencies, and from the Subcribers to new share
c). When orders for purchase or sale of share/securities are executed through the bank's other
  offices, all incidental expenses, such as postage, insurance charges, etc. incurred will be
  recovered in addition to the commission / brokerage charges.          
ii] Withdrawal fee on shares and securities held 0.25% upto Rs.10,000/= of the paidup or face value
in safe custody [to be recovered at the time Min. Rs.50/= 0.125% on amount exceeding
of withdrawal] Rs. 10,000/= Min. Rs.100/=.
iii] Withdrawal fee on Government Securities. Rs.10/= per scrip.
Where shares and/or securities sold are from
those held in safe custody, either commission
on sale of shares and securities, as shown
against item [i] or withdrawal fees, as shown
against item [ii] and [iii] whichever is higher,
will be charged, but not both.
iv] Charges for collection of interest / return 0.30% on the amount of interest / return /
/ dividend. dividend collected / paid. Min. Rs.20/=.
v] Handling charges for conversion, renewal, Rs.10/= per scrip.
consolidation or subdivision of Government
vi] a). Sale of Government Securities like SSC Transport / Handling Charges of Rs.100/=
/ DSC etc. at a branch other than an per sale per customer.
Authorised branch.
b). Encashment of profit coupons / Govt. Transport / Handling Charges of Rs.100/=
securities like SSC / DSC by a branch per encashment per customer
other than Authorised Branch.
vii] Articles in Safe Deposits:
Fee for Articles in Safe Deposits
[To be recovered in advance at the time of
deposit or at commencement of each quarter].
a). Boxes and Packages Rs.2.00 per 100/= Cubic inches or any part
thereof with a minimum of Rs.100/= per quarter.
b). Envelopes Re.1.00 per 25 square inches or any part
thereof with a minimum of Rs.40/= per quarter
viii] Safe Deposit Lockers Fee for Safe Deposit Lockers: [to be recovered in advance or at the commencement
of the period-yearly, half yearly, quarterly] as the case may be:
No rent against following
Normal with Tray & Box refundable key deposit
a). Upto 0.40 cft.       Small   Rs.1,200/=   Rs.1,500/=     Rs. 15,000/=
                        per annum              
From 0.41 to 0.80 cft   Medium Rs.1,700/=   Rs.2,000/=     Rs. 30,000/=
From 0.81 to 1.35 cft             per annum              
From 1.36 to 1.75 cft   Large   Rs.3,500/=   Rs.4,000/=     Rs. 40,000/=
From 1.76 to 2.00 cft             per annum              
In case of already rented out lockers where key deposit is less than the above mentioned
amounts, deficit amount should be made up according to the size of the locker at the time
of next renewal.
b). Key Deposit Rs.2,000/= per locker
c). Breaking charges Rs.3,000/= per locker
i] Guarantees issued to shipping companies in lieu Rs. 1,000/= (Flat).
of Bills of Lading/Endorsement of Airway Bills.
ii] Guarantees issued to Collector of Custom in 0.50% per quarter or part thereof
lieu of payment of Export Duty which are valid Min. Rs.500/=.
upto 6 months.
iii] Other Guarantees 0.40% per quarter or part thereof
Min. Rs.500/=.
iv] Guarantees outside Pakistan 0.40% per quarter or part thereof
Min. Rs.500/= + charges of correspondents.
v] Parking Guarantees (if issued at bank's own Nil
vi] Consortium Guarantees As per Agreement.
vii] Guarantees issued in Pakistan against 100% Nil
Cash Margin on which no return/profit is paid.
  a). All Guarantees issued by banks must contain specific amount and expiry date and a date by
  which the claims are to be lodged. Commission would be charged for the period inclusive
  of the claim period.  
  b). For issuance of Guarantees on the counter guarantee of foreign correspondents / banks,
  varying rates can be offered based on volume of business received.  
  c). Guarantee commission will continue to be charged for expired guarantees until return of
  original guarantee/release.  
  d). For Letters of Guarantee issued upto 1 year validity commission should be recovered
  upfront at the time of issuance of the guarantee for the full period.  
  e). For letters of Guarantees with validity of more than 1 year it should be endeavoured to
  recover commission for the full period upfront. However, if the customer is a valued
  client & is not willing to pay commission for the full period, commission for the first year
  to be recovered upfront at the time of issuance of the guarantee & subsequently for the
    second full year/broken period as the case may be at the expiry of the first year.  
Classic Cards Gold Cards
i] a). Joining Fee NIL NIL
b). Annual Fee Rs. 250/= per card Rs. 550/= per card
c). Supplement Cards Annual Fee Rs. 150/= per card Rs. 500/= per card
d). Card Replacement Fee Rs. 300/= per card Rs. 500/= per card
ii] Cash Withdrawal Charges
a). From Soneri Bank ATMs N I L
& POS at Soneri Bank
designated branches.
b). From ATMs displaying Rs. 15/= per transaction
1 LINK & M Net Logo
c). From ATMs displaying Rs. 300/= per transaction OR
plus Logo 3% of each Cash withdrawal
whichever is higher.
iii] Purchase/Services availed at POS displaying VISA Logo.
a). Within Pakistan N I L
b). Outside Pakistan
i] Purchase made/ Rs. 300/= OR 2.5% of transaction amount
Services availed whichever is higher.
iv] Funds Transfers Through Soneri Bank ATMs
a). To accounts with Soneri Bank Rs. 50/=
b). To accounts with 1 LINK Rs. 100/= per transaction
participating banks
v] Balance Enquiry Through ATMs
a). ATMs located in Pakistan NIL
b). ATMs located outside Pakistan PKR equivalent US$ 2/=
vi] Other Charges
Local Transactions
a). Arbitration charges in case of PKR equivalent of US$ 500/= per case
false charge back.
b). Document Retrieval Charges Rs. 250/= per retrieval
International Transactions
a). Arbitration charges in case PKR equivalent of US$ 500/= per case
of false charge back
b). Document Retrieval PKR equivalent of US$ 10/= per retrieval.
a). To accounts with Soneri Bank N I L
b). Inter-Bank Fund Transfers Rs. 50/= per transfer
a). Annual Package Rs. 250/= (All Transactions Free)
b). Transaction based package
i. Funds Transfer within Soneri Bank Rs. 25/= per transaction
ii. Inter-Bank Funds Transfer Rs. 50/= per transaction
Funds Transfer
- Accounts with Soneri Bank Rs. 25/= per transaction
- Accounts with other banks Rs. 50/= per transaction
a). Withdrawal through Cheques 4 Cheques per Calendar month no charge -
for each additional cheque during the month
Rs. 25/= per cheque.
b). ATM transactions charges Same as applicable to other types of accounts.
a). IPS Statements Quarterly free but on request Rs. 100/=
b). Custodial service charges Rs. 500/= per transaction (Sale/Purchase/Transfer)
c). PIB/IJARA/SUKUK coupon payment 0.025% semi-annually on face value or Rs. 1000/=
per month, whichever is higher.
i] Cost of Cheque Book Rs. 5/= per leaf (per cheque)
ii] Issuance of Cheque Books on Form "B" Rs. 250/= plus cost of cheque book
iii] a). Duplicate Statement of Account (PKR) Rs.35/= flat
b). Duplicate Statement of Account (US$) $ 0.50 flat
c). Duplicate Statement of Account (P.STG) 0.25 flat
d). Duplicate Statement of Account (EURO) 0.25 flat
e). Duplicate Statement of Account (YEN) 50 flat
f). Duplicate Advice older than 1 year Rs. 25/= per advice
g). Photocopy of Cheques to Customer Rs. 50/= per cheque
up to 3 months old
h). Photocopy of Cheques to Customer Rs. 400/= per cheque
beyond 3 months old
iv] Return of Cheque presented to us in Rs. 200/= (To be recovered from the
case of insufficient funds in the account Drawer's Account in all cases i.e.
Cash, Clearing, Transfer Delivery & Cash Transfer
v] Stop Payment of Cheque Rs.250/= per instruction
vi] Hold Mail Instructions Rs. 500/= per annum
a). Postage Rs. 75/=
b). Courier Rs.100/=
c). Cable Rs.75/=
d). Telephone charges Rs.100/=
e). Fax Inland (from one city to another) Rs.100/= per page
Fax Local (within same city) Rs. 10/= per page
viii] Confirmation of Balance to Auditors. Rs. 250/= per confirmation
ix] Any out of pocket expenses or any transaction At actuals
not covered under this schedule.
x] Any type of certificate issued at the request Rs. 200/= per certificate
of the customer.
xi] Account Maintenance/Service Charges Not exceeding Rs. 50/= once per month including FED
if balance is below the minimum monthly average
balance of Rs. 5,000/= in Current Deposit Accounts
(i). All such collection accounts i.e. non-chequing accounts from where the balances/funds as
  per standing instructions, are transferred to customers' main collection a/c whether daily
  or on periodical basis, shall be exempt from levy of these service charges.  
(ii). Accounts maintained by (i) Students, (ii) Mustahiqueen of Zakat; and (iii) employees of
  Government/Semi-Government Institutions for salary and pension purposes including
  widows/children of deceased employees eligible for family pension/benevolent fund grant
  etc. shall be exempted from levy of service charges in any manner whatsoever.  
(iii). Also to be waived in the case of co-operative societies, benevolent funds, charitable &
  welfare organisations.  
(iv). No charges are to be recovered from students deposting the amount of Fees directly
  in fee collecting account of Educational Institution.  
(v). The charges for making Banker's Cheques and Demand Drafts on other Banks or any other
  related instrument for Payment of fee/dues in favour of educational institutions, HEC/Board
  etc. not to exceed 0.50% of fee/dues or Rs. 25 per instrument whichever is less.  
Executive Vice President Executive Vice President